The Wonder of Christmas

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas season with your family and friends. I want to share a poem that I wrote several years ago and remind you to that this season is about the greatest gift of all - JESUS.

Can you see the angels singing as their praise lights up the sky
Rousing shepherds from their keeping of the silent flock by night?
Glory in the highest, shepherds gazing up in awe,
Oh the beauty, oh the splendor, oh the wonder of it all.

Can you hear the wise men's footsteps trodding on toward Bethlehem?
Bringing gifts of greatest value to a baby's lowly bed -
A star their only compass, knowing not what might befall
Oh, the beauty, oh the glory, oh the wonder of it all.

Can you see the mother weeping as in her arms she holds
The One for whom all prophets and the angels have foretold?
Knowing that all God's glory rested in one so very small
Oh the beauty, oh the mystery, oh the wonder of it all.

Can you hear the voice that whispers, "Here's my great redemption plan.
I have sent my Son to earth to restore the souls of man.
Each December as you hurry, take the time to recall
The beauty, and the splendor, and the wonder of it all."

Merry Christmas!