Thanksgiving Leftovers

Sorry, I missed posting last week. I pray that everyone had a very blessed Thanksgiving and took some time to reflect on all that God has brought you through in the past year. We had a very blessed thanksgiving in our family and even though there were some rough patches, we know that God is still in control. How many of you ate thanksgiving leftovers for days? If your family is like ours - you eat on them for several days. We turn the turkey into turkey salad, add some vegetables where needed, cook some fresh bread and feast again. Thanksgiving food is some of my very favorite, and I enjoy every morsel, so much so that I can't wait to heat it up and enjoy it all over again. As I ate my thanksgiving leftovers I thought about the wonderful feast I have enjoyed this year in God's Word. Personally, this was a year where God deepened my love for His Holy Word. I can't wait to open it up each day and see what God will say to me. Sometimes I find myself spending several days reflecting on one verse or one passage and like my thanksgiving leftovers - I come back to it again and again, looking at it from different perspectives, adding some different study tools, and asking God for new insight. Each time he doesn't disappoint. I get something new and fresh each time I open His Word. I enjoy it as much as I do my physical food. I feel full and satisfied when I spend time with God reading His word and feasting on His promises. I am grateful that God has chosen to speak to us through His word and that He never forsakes or deserts us. As we close out our study of the Counterfeit Armor I am truly thankful that God does not leave us defenseless against our enemy, but He has provided all that we need to live victoriously in this present world. Sometimes we forget that our enemy is predictable - sneaky, yes - but still predictable. His tactics have not changed in thousands of years and he continues to use deception, pride, fear, preoccupation, religion, and our own words to keep us ineffective and weak in our daily walk. Don't let him win! Now that you know his counterfeit armor, be bold and courageous and pick up God's armor to slay him. He cannot stand against the word of God for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Feast daily on God's word. Meditate on it. Then, put on your armor and be ready always to fight the good fight of faith.

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