Holy Reminders

Over and over I am reminded that our God never needs reminders, but we humans sure do! I received an e-mail this week from someone asking for permission to use material I posted in 2009 on this blog. WHAT?!? At first I was so surprised that I was speechless (hard to believe I know;). Then, I thought, "Wow, I totally forgot about that blog." Sure enough when I pulled it up today, I have not written in it since 2011. I know blogs are a thing of the past, but I believe the sweet Holy Spirit sent me a holy reminder to get back on here and begin updating again. Why? Because you never know when God might use a word, a phrase, or a paragraph to impact someone else. I ask your forgiveness for being away so long, and pray that our sweet Heavenly Father will continue to remind me to share with you as He shares with me. I am no expert - not by a long shot - but I never want to stop giving away what the Spirit gives to me. I pray that you will be encouraged today that YOU are never out of HIS thoughts! Jesus needs no reminder to intercede for you - it's what He lives for!! Be blessed.