Overcoming by the Word of our Testimony

For the last several weeks in our Sunday School class, different women have shared their testimony. It has been an awesome time of transparency. Isn't that what it is all about? Hearing of how God has worked in the others lives and seeing how they have claimed victory from defeat encourages me that God is at work in our world and He is ever in the business of transformation. Scripture tells us in Revelation that we "overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony." The first part to overcoming does not depend on us. The blood of Jesus was shed so that you and I could be free and could be overcomers. All we have to do is accept that the atoning blood of Jesus covers my sin and sets me free and we are halfway to overcoming. However, the second part to overcoming depends entirely on our willingness to step out in faith and share the word of our testimony with others. The dictionary defines testimony as witness, evidence, proof of fact, a declaration or profession of faith. Our testimony is witness to the proof that Christ has changed us from the inside out. It is our declaration of faith and it must be spoken aloud. There is power in the spoken word (see one of our earlier entries entitled The Power of our Words) and when we speak the word of our testimony aloud, that power is loosed to work not only in our life but in the lives of others. Never underestimate the effect your faith journey can have on others. Growing up I always struggled with sharing my testimony. I remember being asked as a senior in high school to share my testimony while we were in Europe, and I was terrified. I didn't think I had much to share and I always struggled in that area. I always wanted one of those dynamic testimonies that I had heard from other people. Well, be careful what you ask for - the testimony God has given me is not one I necessarily wanted, but I have been blessed to see that every time I have been given the opportunity to share my story, God has used it to encourage and set others free. You may not have one of those "flashy" testimonies you see on television, but praise God you have a story to share of how God brought you from darkness into light. Now, be an overcomer and share it!

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glimpses of normallicy or is it just a fallacy said...

I have enjoyed the testimonies given SO much . And I always get to learn and see not only a new facet of the person speaking but of my Savior ! Knowing if He did it for them , and He is no respecter of persons , He can do it for me ! We need to hear from each other what the Lord is doing and has done . I think it is one elements that is missing in much of the Western church . It has become OK to show up and either be spoon fed or watch the "show" and go home unimpressed,uneffected & unchanged .