Repairing the Chasms

This past Sunday we began a new study in God's Word dealing with repairing the chasms. A chasm is defined as "a break, fissure, breach, opening, rupture, division, separation, rift." Spiritually, chasms develop as a result of sin. The inspiration for this study is found in Amos 4:3 where God tells his people that because they did not return to him they will "each go straight out through breaks in the wall". Those chasms are our breaks in the wall and as we allow them to go unchecked in our lives they become the very places where our enemy will take us out. God desires for each of his daughters to live whole, healed, and abundant lives and that is the goal of this study. Over the next few weeks, we will look at chasms that develop around generational fault lines, chasms caused by actions done to us, and chasms created from our own sinful choices. Please make plans to join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30AM in our fellowship hall as we break open God's Word and find healing and wholeness.
See you Sunday,
Stacy Pennington