Entangling Relationships

This week in our Beth Moore study When Godly People do Ungodly Things we talked about entangling relationships. I think it really hits home - especially in today's society. Unhealthy relationships are rampant. We are wise to ask God if we are in an entangling relationship with anyone. Entangling relationships can be costly. When we are desperate for someone else's approval, we are in an entangling relationship. When we are looking to someone else to fill needs in our life that only Christ can meet, we are in an entangling relationship. To untangle unhealthy relationships is hard work, but it is not without benefits. As we begin to untangle our relationships, we will find freedom and peace. We must do our part to make sure all our relationships are balanced and healthy. Even if the other person in the relationship never changes, we can change. Remember that the most important relationship we have is horizontal - the relationship between us and Christ. Once that relationship is right, the vertical relationships in our life will begin to work correctly.

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